Cool Facts About Fishing

Fishing is simply put an act of catching fish in a number of different ways. It can either be commercial or recreational. Commercial fishing is when the fisherman catches fish to sell later, while preferred by most people, recreational fishing is a sport fishing and every caught fish is return to waters. Due to increased popularity, different kinds of tournaments and competitions are organized where fishermen show their fishing skills. Australia is a country that has a number of well organized fisheries such as Patagonian, Tuna, Rock Lobster, and a variety of Prawn fisheries. These fisheries generate export dollars by selling different kinds of fishes to various overseas markets. Furthermore, Australia has a large coastline, and many of its major fisheries are far away from the coastal locations. As a result, the commercial fishing industry provides employment possibilities for many rural communities. If you are one of many fish catching lovers, here are several cool facts about fishing you didn’t know.


  • There are around 27,000 living species of fish around the world. That is more than all types of reptiles, mammals, birds and amphibians combined.

  • Australian Fishing Zone is the third largest fishing zone in the world, with about nine million square kilometers.

  • It has been reported that around 6,000 fish species live in the Australian waters.

  • Commercial fishing is the fifth largest food production industry in Australia and is generating more than $2 billion dollars to the economy each year.

  • Did you know that there are various fishing styles? No? There is a reef fishing, estuary fishing, fly fishing, fresh water fishing, etc.

  • The biggest Southern Bluefin Tuna caught in Australia weighted around 378 kg.

  • Majority of tuna fish caught in Australian is exported to Japan.

Did you know that fishermen are very superstitious people? Believe it or not, they are and here are few of the weirdest ones.

  • Sailors who wear earring or are tattooed will not drown.

  • It is believed that bananas bring very bad luck to fishing, and could mean trouble for the trip.

  • If you bring a fishing pole into your house before going fishing, you will not catch any fish.

  • If a dog is seen near fishing equipment means bad luck.

  • Do not talk when fishing as you will not catch any fish since they can hear you.