An Introduction to Anthuriums: Fun Facts about These Heart-Shaped Plants

Anthuriums are known for their elegant heart-shaped leaves that come in brilliant hues ranging from green to burgundy, pink, and even white. But besides making an attractive ornamental feature, anthuriums are very fascinating plants that can also inspire many interesting conversations. So, the next time a guest wants to know more about your anthurium, be sure to impress them with the following facts.

What Do You Get When You Fuse 4 Anthurium Species Together?

White is a unique colour, one that’s rarely seen in nature. When you blend all the colours of the rainbow together you get the colour white. And the same goes for the white anthurium. What? Although this elegant anthurium colour makes for a captivating décor piece, it has never existed in the wild. In fact, this lovely anthurium has only been around since 1987 when some horticulturists crossed together four different species of anthuriums. Today, the white anthurium is one of the most popular species, but also the rarest of them all and this makes it quite a unique home addition.

Beauty That Lasts All Year Round

Anthuriums only require minimal care and watering, which makes them a great choice if you’re new to owning plants. You only need to feed your plant a glass of water a week, and it will happily return the favour by providing you 8 weeks of vibrant leaves and flowers. But what happens when the leaves wither away? Well, the plant simply grows new leaves. For every newly formed leaf, there’s a new bud growing next to it waiting to take its place when the time comes.

The Flower Isn’t What You Think It Is

Though the colourful hearts might seem like they’re the plant’s blooms, in reality, they aren’t. The heart is actually a spathe, a shield-like leaf that serves to protect the actual flower. The flower also called the spadix is actually the long bump in the middle of the leaf. So, this is another example of how looks can fool.

The Origin of the Name

The name anthurium is derived from two Greek words, anthos (flower) and oura (tail). So, a literal translation of the name would be “flowering tail” which is actually a very suitable choice considering the appearance of the plant. However, the anthurium is also known by many other popular names such as the Flamingo Flower, Painted Tongue, Painter’s Palette, and Hawaiian Heart.

A Symbol of Hospitality

Due to being in the shape of a heart and their open growing pattern, anthuriums are popular as hallway décor. Their lively colours and silky textures are great in leaving a positive first impression on guests. What’s more, their unique heart-shape makes them a wonderful gift idea for a loved one.